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November 04 2013


HVLP spray gun is popular among consumers both at home and abroad for high quality and competitive price. There are various kinds of HVLP spray guns both in domestic and international markets for your selection. HVLP is short for high volume and low pressure actually. It contains high volume of paint and uses low air pressure to spray the paint in a fine mist into the target. The spray gun can help achieve your painting work easily and conveniently.

You shoud pay attention to the air pressure, fan speed and fluid control. The painting technique or skill is very important actually. What's more,the setup of the gun is also very important actually. How to use the HVLP spray gun in a proper way? 

First of all, prepare things that you will need, like compressor HVLP spray gun, paint, paint thinner , mask and so forth. Generally, you should wear the mask and glove to protect yourself. As we all know that there are many chemical elements in the paint and they are not good for our health.

Second, turn the compressor on and adjust the air pressure at the hose to 90psi. It can provide the proper pressure to the spray gun. There is a pressure regulator on the gun and you can adjust it at the base of the gun handle to recommended pressure which is found in the manufacturer's manual. You can start with 50psi and tweak the pressure which is based on your painting results.


HVLP spray gun is one of the most effective painting tools for painting. It is popular among consumers both at home and abroad for high quality, convenience and easy to work with. You can use it to paint the inside and outside of your home building or office room actually. In comparison with roller and brush, the HVLP spray gun can improve your work efficiency and make your work better. However, you need to clean it properly to prolong its lifespan.

Do you know how to clean the hvlp spray gun? Here we will give you a brief introduction. First of all, you are advised to prepare things that you will need, like toothbrush, rag, lacquer thinner or varnish, glass bowl, tweezers, wrench, screwdriver and so forth.

Second, remove the cap on the hvlp spray gun which is located around the nozzle. The cap is a black ring and is easily removed by turning it counterclockwise. And take off the nozzle to the gun and you can either twist it off or it will pop off depending on the brand you have.

Third, soak the cap and nozzle. Use lacquer thinner or vanish in a glass bowl. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then scrub with a toothbrush to remove any left over dirt on the cap and nozzle. Sit it on an old rag to dry.
Fourth, you should remove the nozzle plate which sits behind the nozzle. You should pop it out to remove it. And you can use a screwdriver to pop it out if the nozzle is hard to remove. Residue accumulates and makes it hard to remove the plate and place the plate into the bowl of thinner or varnish and let it soak until you finish the next step.

Fifth, you can remove the fluid adjuster by using a wrench. It is located on the back of the spray gun on the lower ring. You should place it into the bowl to soak and remove the air valve spring and fluid adjust guide from the back of the HVLP spray gun.

Sixth, remove the needle which is a long thin metal piece with a very delicate needle at its end carefully. Push the trigger of your gun to push it out the back enough to pull it out with tweezers. Be careful with the needle and do not drop it.

In addition, use the lacquer thinner or varnish to dampen the rag. Wipe down the entire spray gun. You can use a toothbrush to scrub off any remaining dirt on the pieces you removed. Reassemble the gun after it has dried.

Frankly speaking, we are one of the leading manufacturers of hvlp spray gun. We have great reputation among consumers both at home and abroad for high quality and competitive price. To find more detailed information about our products and services, you are advised to visit our website.

October 29 2013

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Anti vibration side handle to improve user comfort. Dust ejection system removes majority of debris from the air which passes over the motor, preventing abrasion and tracking. New guard design allows guard fitment, adjustment or removal without the use of tools, for increased flexibility. It have greater motor durability.

Angle grinder 900W

Quick Details
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: OEM
Model Number: MLS-ZZ-900
Power Source: Electricity
Type: Angle Grinder
Variable Speed: No
Rated Input Power: 900W
Disc Diameter: 125mm
Rated Voltage: 230V~
No-Load Speed: 11000rpm
Frequency: 50Hz Disc(Wheel)
Type: Cutting Disc
Dimensions: 125*22.2*3mm
Weight: 2.3kg
certificate: GS,ROHS,CE

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: color box,BMC
Delivery Detail: 60 days
Angle grinder 900W,
1.11000rpm, 125mm,
2.Semi-professional,Advantige express,
3.achieved FFU good level
4.OEM service

1) Stable quality and extra long life powerful motor
2) Professional gear fitness
3) Soft grip for comfortable handle.


HVLP 110W, PAP-SH-110C

HVLP 110W, PAP-SH-110C
1. Two step wind volume adjustment;
2. High-power output, maximun temp: 590o C;
3. Use long life heater;
4. Used in temp. Heating up industrial, such as packing. Electronic xzfgfqijg Plastic etc;
5、398A is stepless temp. Adjustment. 398LED is type for LED Temp. Display;
6. Wind Flow is 400L/min;
7. Temp. Range: 60-600o C; Stepless temp. Adjustment;
8. Power Consumption: 110W,
9. Weight: 0.7KG

HVLP spray gun is one of our hot sale products and we will try our best to fulfill the requirement of consumers. We ensure that all our spray gun products have high quality and dependable performance. Our products have broad markets both at home and abroad.

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We provide varied of HVLP spray gun products,We offer free and all-sided shipping and after-sale service for every customer of us. You can leave your message or question on our website,or you can contact us without any limit. We are looking forward to your calling and coming.

Electric paint roller 54W

It is hand-hold paint roller
Latex and oil-based paint compatible
Rated Voltage: 230-240V
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Power: 45W
High quality and competitive price.
Fast delivery.

October 28 2013

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We provide varied of HVLP spray gun products with high quality and in low price. For accurate and effortless sawing of steel, wood or plastic make sure that the power force jig saw 650W is in your tool collection. Three blades are provided, a 145mm blade for working with wood and 100mm for use with steel and plastic. It includes a parallel guide to ensure precision when sawing through metal and plastic. It also includes dust extraction and a convenient spotlight for working in areas of limited illumination.

Jig saw 650W

1) Input power: 580W/650W/750W/800W
2) Speed: 400-4,500rpm
3) Max. cutting depth: 80mm

Jig saw Features:
1) Input power: 580W/650W/750W/800W
2) Speed: 400-4,500rpm
3) Max. cutting depth: 80mm
4) 3-position pendulum function for easy cutting
5) Soft grip for comfortable handle
6) Quick clamp for quick blade exchanging
7) Main connection: 230V-50Hz/110V-60Hz
8) Bevel cuts, max.:45
9) Speed:500-3000rpm
10) Weight:1.8kg
11) Packing dimensions:262*77*215mm
12) Carton dimensions/Unit pack:410*280*450mm/10pcs
13) Qty per 20F/40F/40HQ:5450/11600/13050PCS
14) Soft grip for comfortable handle
15)Inner laser


We provide varied of HVLP spray guns products with high quality and in low price.

HVLP hand held spray gun 300W

Product Name: HVLP hand held spray gun 300W
Model Number: PAP300
Technical datas: Rated power: 300W
Max. Flow: 280ml/min
Max. Viscosity: 40din/sec
Paint reservoir: 800ml
Nozzle: 1.8mm
Remarks: Nozzle: Patent, for spraying of 3 patterns: round, horizontal or vertical
Check valve: Patent, to avoid paint flowing back to unit
Needle quick release: Patent, more convenient to clean after usage
Newest motor angle: Patent
Internal air check valve: Patent, avoid paint flow back to motor
Flow rate setting structure: Patent, to adjust max. output volume


HAND HELD Paint Roller

HAND HELD Paint Roller,
Painting tools, DIY products
Latex and oil-based paint compatible

HAND HELD Paint Roller
Latex and oil-based paint compatible

Accessories: 1pc spater shield, 1pc suction tube, 1pc can lid, 1pc quick-disconnect tab
Packing:Color box.
Packing Size:76*25.5*6.3cm
Packing Weight:1.2kgs
Q'ty per Carton: 2pcs
Canton Size:77*13.6*28cm
We'll show you the tricks and techniques that painting pros use to get a perfectly painted room. All you need are some basic tools to paint fast, get great results and make clean up a breeze.We are proud that we have an effective working team of quality control and new items' development, which allows our client to renew their ranges to expand their markets, kinds HVLP spray gun and other tolls.

October 22 2013

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We are professional power tools supplier for around 10 years. Our main market is Europe and North America. As for Russian market, we have supplied several famous clients for several years.We provide varied of HVLP spray gun products with high quality and in low price.

HVLP paint spray gun 500W

HVLP spray gun:
1) Input power: 500W
2) Max. spray flux: 700ml/min
3) Max. capacity 0.7L
4) Nozzle 1.8mm

HVLP paint spray gun:
1) Input power: 500W
2) Max. spray flux: 700ml/min
3) Max. capacity 0.7L
4) Nozzle 1.8mm
5) Max.Viscosity: 50din/sec
6) Net weight: 2.5kgs
7)Hose Length: 1.8m
8) Packing Size: 33*24.5*23.5cm
9) Accessories: 1pc viscosity measuring cup
10) Package: color box
11) Packing Weight: 3.0kgs
12) Q'ty per Carton: 2pcs
13) Carton Size: 51*34*25.5m
14) G.W./N.W. :6.8/6.0kgs
15) Q'ty of 20'/40'/40'HQ: 1414/2925/3460pcs


Electric Paint Roller

1. 10' acrylic pattern electric paint roller
2. Size:10"
3. Fabric:Acrylic
4. Pile:18mm
5. Tube Material: Recycled PP
6. High quality and dependable performance

Tips: You are advised to rinse out in appropriate solvent to remove most of the paint. To rinse it properly after your use can help prolong its lifespan actually. More informations visit our website: http://www.shmandarin.com/Electricpowerroller/ElectricPaintRoller.html If you have an entire home interior to paint or property that requires repeated painting, This powerful machine pumps right from the can and into the roller’s interior in a contained system to keep the process spill-free, neat and fast. 

Shanghai Mandarin Industry Co., Ltd is well known for our quality HVLP spray gun and we are specialized in handy power tools, like angle grinder, circular saws and so forth. We have won great reputation among consumers both at home and abroad for our high product quality and considerate service

HVLP spray gun is directly wholesale and sale online to the masses. Professional,high quality,affordable and practical are the most essential features of our spray gun product. Just need to log in our website,you can discover anything you want about the HVLP spray gun.

We offer free and all-sided shipping and after-sale service for every customer of us. You can leave your message or question on our website,or you can contact us without any limit. We are looking forward to your calling and coming.

shmandarin.com offers you all kinds of tools and home improvement products from top quality and price. Find everything related to Cordless screwdriver you need. And we believe after you analyzing hundreds of expert and owner reviews, the Cordless screwdriver from  http://www.shmandarin.com/Electricscrewdriver/Cordlessscrewdriver3V.html will be your best choice. Moreover, we also offer you all various HVLP spray gun. As long as you are looking for HVLP spray gun supplier or good quality Cordless screwdriver, you are at the right place now.

Cordless screwdriver 3.6V

Power Source:  Electricity 
Rated Voltage:  4.8V 
MAX. Torque: 33.8 kg-cm (2.43ft-lb)
L x W x H: 386x80x250 mm
Dependable function and competitively low price.

October 21 2013

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